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Drafting a Regional Creativity Framework

In an increasingly homogenized world, regions need to tell a story about themselves that’s unique, distinctive and exciting. A review of governance and policy settings will strengthen Gippsland's regional identity and harness the cohesive power and strategic value of CREATIVITY, CONNECTIVITY and CO-DESIGN to meet ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Transition’ challenges in the 21st Century.”


Creativity - Connectivity - Co-Design Principles

  • Connecting Traditional Knowledge, Local Lived Experience and Specialist Expertise 

  • A Creativity Industry informed by data; scoped, audited, shaped and measured for its contribution to GRP

  • Alignment with regional policy and priorities (One Gippsland).

  • Acknowledgement of the creativity, productivity and skills of artists, artisans, designers, arts managers and armies of volunteers.

  • Acknowledgment of creative enterprises, supply-chains and the value-add to Education, Tourism, Media, Construction, Manufacturing, Health and Community Well-Being

  • A co-designed Industry governance model with First Nations input that operates with accessibility, flexibility, integrity and transparency

  • Digital networking of creative hubs, across regional and remote centres,  to strengthen community and creative industry growth

  • Partnerships across government that make investments work better for regional communities.

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