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As co-designers we bring together Traditional knowledge, lived experience and specialist expertise to solve design problems. We are guided by the values of empathy, creativity and discovery and a focus on crafting solutions with people not for them. 

 Our Creative Co-design Framework


Our Creative Co-Design Principles

  • we create a safe place for communication and problem-solving

  • we place community at the centre of the creative co-design process

  • we respect tangible and intangible First Nation's culture and heritage

  • we recognize artists as workers interpreting place, nature and society

  • we bring cultural-tourism to life while protecting heritage, planet and livelihoods.

  • we break down silos, solve 'wicked' problems and 'join the dots’.

  • we build capacity through creative learning pathways and job creation.

  • we build secure partnerships and inter-generational opportunities.

Our Co-design Workshop Model

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