Gunaikurnai Country & culture

We are committed to working in partnership with traditional owners of the land and waters. Gunaikurnai Land & Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLAWAC) have expressed interest in our project & welcome our genuine engagement. We are aware that working with aboriginal communities requires a deep level of respect & understanding of the complexity of their role in the repatriation & protection of their cultural heritage & their rights.

Gunaikurnai "connection to Country & culture" is at the heart of our co-design approach.

The Gunaikurnai Whole of Country Plan captures the vision of the Gunaikurnai community & the role of First Nations culture as the most relevant & powerful aspect of regional identity. Aboriginal cultural heritage  includes:

tangible values such as places, objects, landscapes, archaeological sites, past land-uses & industries, & built structures; &

• intangible values like song-lines, music, drama, skills, crafts, cultural practices & the other parts of culture that can be recorded but cannot be touched; that are of aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or spiritual value for past, present or future generations.


We thank Gunaikurnai artist Ray Thomas for his generosity in allowing us to use his beautiful images.

Snake by Ray Thomas. Gunai Kurnai Artist

Principles for Working Together

Parks Victoria has developed a framework for working in partnership with Traditional Owners. It is underpinned by 10 principles respecting & enabling the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

  • managing for cultural & natural values

  • honoring formal recognition processes

  • recognition of Traditional Owner priorities & aspirations

  • effective collaboration & partnerships

  • respect for Aboriginal governance systems & self-determination

  • appropriate engagement

  • locally-tailored approaches

  • support for cultural expression

  • traditional owner control of cultural heritage.

  • recognition of traditional knowledge, language & history.

Download a copy of Parks Victoria: Managing Country Together Framework.

Bayaluk Trail Map.jpg
Gunaikurnai Bataluk Country