Our Sanctuary mindset is multi-sensory, immersive, creative, educational, conservation-minded, respectful of First Nations Country & culture & nourishing to both mind & body.


As a team we have track records of professional leadership spanning Tourism, Business, Education, Cultural Policy and Heritage Conservation, Regenerative Agriculture, Creative Practice, Product Design & Manufacturing, Environmental Conservation, Circular Economy and Advocacy re recognition of First Nations Country and culture. Furthermore, as local, we share combined lifetimes of volunteering and community service in this region.We fully grasp the social, environmental and economic challenges of rural and remote East Gippsland.

co-design lab workshop model

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Our Purpose

We are a non-profit advocacy group that promotes community recovery and prosperity through ECO-CULTURAL-TOURISM. We  bring stakeholders together into a creative, strategic and sensitive workshop approach to share knowledge and  co-design places, spaces & ‘experiences’ that showcase heritage, environment, culture and community identity while securing our rich biodiversity. Our approach drives innovation in a world that is shifting from extraction to regeneration, from competition to cross-cultural, cross-sector, cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Our Objectives

  • Strengthening Community

  • Respecting Country & Culture

  • Securing Habitat & Species

  • Sharing Knowledge

  • Growing Skills & Jobs

  • Increasing Tourism Yield

  • Creating Sanctuary for Humans & Non-Humans


What We Do