welcome to our on-line forum


Sanctuary E.G. invites you to tell your story, to ask questions and join a community dialogue. This is NOT a Facebook page. It is a forum for sharing ideas and exploring the solutions to wicked problems. Barriers to progress may be associated with recovery issues that require time and healing. Some of the complex issues in exploring the Conservation - Eco-Cultural-Tourism scenario might include:

caleana major 2.jpg
Native Orchid Photo: Michael Prideaux
  • How do we secure & share our biodiversity?

  • How do we secure & share traditional cultural sites?

  • Do we have community social & cultural license?

  • How do we align with government policy & programs ?

  • Who has the knowledge & expertise?

  • Who are the appropriate partners?

  • What are the global market trends?

  • How is this scheme sustainable?

  • Does it offer opportunities for transition?

  • What is the business model?

  • What is the governance model?

  • Who will invest in Conservation Eco-Tourism hubs?

  • What new capabilities do we need to develop?

  • How shall we monitor & measure outcomes?......

We shall activate our on-line forum soon.