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Our co-design approach is creative and economically strategic. We recognize, not only the pull to Nature, the need to secure our biodiversity, but we also value the uniqueness of communities, their identity, heritage, social and communication needs. We are focused on the trans-generational opportunities of the future.

Our Co-Design Principles & Flexible Model

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Co-design places community/'Country' into the centre of the creative design process. It taps into knowledge AND ‘lived experience’ equally and is inclusive and respectful of all stakeholders.


We have a cultural agenda; to respect the intangible aspects of First Nation's Culture and Heritage,' as the oldest and preeminent culture of this region and we recognize the role of the creative industries in bringing the tourism 'experience' to life.


It's about how to share Culture & Heritage, respecting protocols and community values. It relies on:


Making a creative, safe and inclusive space that builds trust and connection and unleashes ideas and creativity

Sharing Knowledge Everyone has knowledge and experience. We share lived experience, cultural knowledge and specialist expertise in creating ideas, problem-solving, decision-making

Collaboration & Creativity  Co-design enables participants to express themselves through visual, action-based and oral approaches. It may be a walk on Country or a hands-on prototyping workshop to build a model, create a recipe or map a trail...

Capacity Building In co- design, everyone has something to teach and something to learn. We can map learning pathways and job creation.


Benefits of Co-Design

It taps into community and specialist experience and imagination across disciplines and sectors

Breaks down silos and 'joins the dots'

Combines the wisdom of lived experience with the expertise of professionals

Minimizes risk by testing assumptions, prototyping and assessing risk

It makes plans safe for people and planet, thereby attracting visitors and investors.

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